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The Same Old Story Continues and Continues...

I have put my source to build, hence have some time to write a post…
It’s been a while since there was a new post on this blog, reason?..ah work. There is much change that’s going on that does not give me time to write anything new. But this does not stop me from reading and experementing something new, so let me give you an insight on what I have been doing on my weekends.
I have been hooked up on learning about the Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR), have been going through some videos and articles on that, and also to get a feel on all this, I started learning Ruby and started using IronRuby (the Microsoft implementation of Ruby). I am still in the process of learning more on this...but as it seems the process is slow as a worm.
Well,I hope I’ll be back again to blogging anytime sooner…I miss those free times