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.Net Reflector to Telerik JustDecompile

I have been using .Net Reflector for almost 4 years now and this really is a cool tool to just go decompile assemblies when you need to, and this was one of the tool I used to decompile some of the assemblies provided by Microsoft to see what's going in the internals.
It was a bit fishy when Reflector was bought by Ants, and gradually as you all might know, Reflector is no longer free, and whats worse the free version will cease to function after May 30th this year.
Enter Telerik, Telerik as promised to release there JustDecompile tool to the public as FREE, this tool gives you almost all the feature .Net Reflector provides. You can download the beta version from here...
Below shows a screen shot of JustDecompile

Entity Framework and POCO - No Support for Xml or Enums

I have been keeping up to some pace on Entity Framework, however did not try a lot on it.So thought of doing a sample on POCO support with Entity Framework.
This was a class I used to insert to my database. public class Task { public long TaskID { get; set; } public XElement TaskParameter{get;set;} public string TaskType { get; set; } public DateTime EnquedTime { get; set; } public DateTime CompletedTime { get; set; } public Guid TaskIdentifier { get; set; } public TaskStatus TaskStatus { get; set; } public string ErrorDescription { get; set; } public TaskPriority TaskPriority { get; set; } }
The property TaskParameter is an XML column in the database and the properties TaskStatus and TaskPriority are enums and are implemented as smallint in the database
Now, I try to instantiate a context and i get this error...
"Mapping and metadata information could not be found for EntityType Task"
To find out the issue…

WCF Configuration Nightmare, MSBuild, IIS AppCmd

In this post I am going discuss about some of the deployment nightmare that you might have when you design SOA, where you segregate logic into several decoupled services. the post would not really deal with production deployment , but about internal developer releases.
The problem here is that when you have multiple services, and you want to deploy your code in one of the test environments for testing before you release it to the testing team, you have a huge amount of configurations that you need to change. This typically includes...
1) Changing service addresses, this might include WCF services that your service has referenced. Sometimes it might be the case that one of this service refer not just one service. All the service might not be deployed in one machine, hence, referring localhost will not work.
2) Changing database connections, this might be a cumbersome task, you might have to go into each and every configuration file and change the database serve , database user or database …