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Azure Blob Storage - Soft Delete

Azure blob storage soft delete is a currently a feature in preview. This feature, as the name suggests, allows Azure to soft delete your blobs when you delete your blobs.
The feature is available for existing storage accounts as well as newly ones that are being created. The feature needs to be explicitly turned on new or existing storage account to reap its benefits.
The feature can be turned on by navigating to the "Blob Service" --> "Soft delete" section of your storage account. The maximum retention policy of these deleted blobs is currently limited to 1 year, the minimum being 1 day. You can configure any value between that. The setting can only be set at the storage account level and is applicable to all the containers within it.

You can also turn this on using the .Net Azure Storage client. The example below, sets the number of retention days to 2.
CloudBlobClient client = GetStorageClient(); ServiceProperties prop = new ServiceProperties(deleteRete…