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Moving Session Data from InProc to State Server or Database And There Problems

Its been a while since i posted , almost 4 months now, was busy with office work.
So in this post I would like to talk about ASP.NET sessions. we all know about ASP.Net sessions, we all know there are few methods which you can use to store session information, one common way and default way is store session state in the memory of the machine in which ASP.NET is running, the other way is to use the ASP.Net state server or to use the default SQL Server provider to store session data, we are not going back to the basics however, we should be careful in choosing where the session data will be stored and what sort of data will be stored.
It's particularly important to know that moving session data from one mechanism to another (in proc to state server)is not just a matter of changing the configuration file.
When using in-proc data is stored in memory, but when storing it in the state server or on a database like SQ Server, these session data needs to be serialized.

Not all data is …