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Back to The Desk

Well, last 2 weeks went in a jiffy, I was on annual leave for 2 weeks and was hopping to spend some time with my family, but it turned out to be that I had to submit 4 assignments and had spend most of my time reading. I have backlogged so much of lectures that I thought its time for me to catch up, and it was boring some times, just proofs, theorm and out of the world ideas, but I think I am kind of liking this Masters.
Anyway, my desk at home is filled with thick books, Networks, Algorithams, Database systems, Coding theory etc...
I am proud to note that, we had some guest lectures from Virtusa to do some presentations and the one that happened last was by Sabri Sawad, Sr S/W Archectect, he did a presentation on Software Archetecture and some times back a presentation from Riza Wadood. Sr Business Consultant.
At office, I'll be doing a training on UML next week for some junior collegues, that better be good. Also had some time to download a tool that was pretty cool, but don't …

CLIP for VS 2008

The Microsoft Captions Language Interface Pack (CLIP) is a simple language translation solution that uses tooltip captions to display translations for English user interface terms for Visual Studio 2008.
CLIP can help those users who are not good in English to learn and use Visual Studio 2008 by providing translation for the most common user interface elements of the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
CLIP for Visual Studio 2008 is available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Polish, Tamil and Turkish, i.e. it will display translations from English into these languages.
You can download CLIP for your langauge here.

CRS and Me Getting Fatter

Picked this picture from Shuail's blog. That my first project, CRS...I would say the golden age.
I dont see most of them alot, either they are not in the same location or not in the company at all.
Well, you can seem me in the corner in a yellows striped shirt, and I was wondering how fat I have become. Me and the workout machine dont go together I guess, every morning I try to get on it and then I think, well lets sleep a liitle bit more..and I never get to do it.
Most recently I serviced my bicycle, so that I could at least ride that on the weekends and get some calories burning..well that did not turn out well either.Anyway the post is about CRS and not about how fat I have become (partially correct). There are some missing in that picture, Rasika, Prabath, Chandima and Mahasen.