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No Time For Blog Posting

This is a post to let u'll guys know what I have been upto these days. It has been past one month since I have posted something.
So this is what has been happening, at office..we are targeting on beta and it has been a tough time putting up with defects, so I am sort of going home a bit late these days.
I started my MSc in Computer Science at the University of Colombo last month, so there goes my Saturdays and also some of my other free times where I was learning new stuff and watching technical videos.
The only day left then was Sunday, which I take some time to have a nap and the rest of the day I spend watching movies (all animated ones). I have given up on action, horror and romantic movies as they drag on for 2 hours or so, but animated ones just go until 1 or 1.5 hours.
So, all this adds up to no blog posting..but I am working on a plan to get some free time.