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Running Rhino Mock Under FxCop

I wanted to try out Rhino Mock, and I downloaded it and tried it out and it was better then NUnit Mock, I was playing around it a little bit and well, ran fxCop on it,And gosh, I found 640 defects.Well, this is not a critic, but it just brings out the fact the amount of static code analysis we do on our code.I for real, run fxCop on the code I develop before checking it in to the repository, although this is not possible some times, most of the time I spent some time dedicated for this task.It is important to know the standard of the code you develop and running static code analyzer or review through a peer make sure that your code is healthy.

Knuth-Moris-Pratt (KMP) algorithm on CodeProject

Whoo...Its been kind of 3 month since I had my last post, mainly due to assignments, exams and work.
These days, its kind of low work and the 2nd semister is yet to start. I was just going through some of the assignments I did for my MSc , and though of posting one on codeproject.
You can find my artical here. Its on a string matching algorithm, KMP, one of the fastest I would say. I have made the library available on code project, so any one can play around with it.