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Action Delegate in .Net

Something that comes with the .Net 2.0 and above is the Action<T> delegate; this delegate can be used when ever a delegate is needed that takes in no argument or just one argument etc…Especially in GUI application it is cumbersome that you need to create delegates here and there even for simple functions, but with this new delegate defined in the System namespace you no longer need to do that, Imagine the method Show, below needs is called from a different thread then the UI thread, because you are updating UI controls created in the UI created you would need to switch back to the UI thread in order to do this (the actual reason for this?. some goggling around would do J); the code could be written like this.private void Show(int i, string j) {if (InvokeRequired) {Invoke(new Action<int,string>(Show),new object[]{i,j});return;}button1.Enabled = true;;}Notice how the Action delegate is used, as it is a generic type, the required type could be passed in. There is also an over…

Running Rhino Mock Under FxCop

I wanted to try out Rhino Mock, and I downloaded it and tried it out and it was better then NUnit Mock, I was playing around it a little bit and well, ran fxCop on it,And gosh, I found 640 defects.Well, this is not a critic, but it just brings out the fact the amount of static code analysis we do on our code.I for real, run fxCop on the code I develop before checking it in to the repository, although this is not possible some times, most of the time I spent some time dedicated for this task.It is important to know the standard of the code you develop and running static code analyzer or review through a peer make sure that your code is healthy.

Knuth-Moris-Pratt (KMP) algorithm on CodeProject

Whoo...Its been kind of 3 month since I had my last post, mainly due to assignments, exams and work.
These days, its kind of low work and the 2nd semister is yet to start. I was just going through some of the assignments I did for my MSc , and though of posting one on codeproject.
You can find my artical here. Its on a string matching algorithm, KMP, one of the fastest I would say. I have made the library available on code project, so any one can play around with it.

Windows 7 Beta Out...

Windows 7 is the new operating system built on top of Vista, unlike Vista, more emphasis is given to performance, reliability, security and multimedia experiance.
One feature that I heard about Windows 7 being cool is it's task bar.
You can find more on Windows 7 and also try out the beta here.