Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sri Lanka , where is it heading?

So it seems that months pass by with no peace, there were several bombing the past month. And still living in fear…
Ha.. some said, Sri Lanka is going to change, but it’s obvious that it’s degrading worse very day, not to mention that he has done a few (may be a lot for others) good things to improve the stability of the country.
But this does not prove any overall improvement in the society, and I guess every one would agree with me on this, as it is obvious to person who know what’s going around him.
Every day there seems to be a murder somewhere in the corner and the number of people kidnapped as increased. In my opinion and in most, the country is not going anywhere until what ever the shit is settled with the TIGERS.
The living cost as increased and gradually increasing more… who is responsible for this?, well , the answer to this I think everyone knows , but some may try not to show it though…
Is it the leadership of the country or is it some other thing that should be responsible for this?

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