Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Not much of work these days, the truth is there is no work at all. I already blogged about the project I am currently allocated being closed off at the end of March, however, I am “sort” of pre-allocated to another project again from the same client I was working on earlier Surprisingly, the project is called “Sorcerer”.

This one is a bit on the domain and there seems to be new modules coming in for development, but again this is again on .NET 1.1, but I agreed on it for the only reason that I can’t still figure out.

Anyway, this is supposed to be going on until July or August, but I doubt it…

And again I am preparing for a tech-talk that I am going to present on LINQ next week, so I am a bit hooked up on the presentations and some more reading on LINQ. So for the moment I have run out of work but I guess they are not planning to keep me in this state for long.

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