Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Same Old Story...

Ok, here we go's a new project, a new cubical and a code base that I need to start familiarizing...well that adds up to, I don’t get time to blog or at least read something new, ye the same old story..
After much consideration I applied for an ADSL line at home, my first thought was not too, as the weekends are allocated for family, friends and long hours of sleep, but then again I could at least do I went for it.
The funniest thing was that I applied through SLT last month and still my ADSL line was not activated. Finally I called the branch I applied the line through, to find out that my application never reached the ADSL division, great!!!.
I had something to say to SLT that day over the phone...and the operator called me back after 10 minutes to apologize and to say that she will submit it to the ADSL division right away. So hopefully I will be back to blogging in a couple of days.

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