Thursday, June 5, 2008

Better Late Then Never

It's been a few weeks since I have blogged, was a bit hooked up on catching on with some of the MS technologies.I started learning the ADO.Net entity Framework, downloaded some videos, samples and ye, did some pretty intresting stuffs with it.Then there was last week, when one of my friends asked me a question on web services, got a bit confused and I had to dig into some of the ws-* standards and WCF Security, and finally thought of going through the specificaions at w3c, and I ended up reading the ws-security and ws-addressing spec.Then there was this week, started looking at some presentations on the ADO.Net data services on MIX 08, still doing this !!!. and another thing about all these is that I am getting not much of time to do all these readings, cos' I have hooked up into some of the old cartoons that I always wanted to watch, like the X-Men, King Artuher, The Mask etc...Well for all, I guess its better late then never !!!

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