Friday, July 4, 2008

ATOM and WCF Syndication

Something that got me intrested is, syndication feeds, more particularly on ATOM 1.0.This might not be new news for most of us, but for the sake of a post after a long time, I had to do this !.
Most of us might use feed readers, I use Feedreader, and for the people who dont know what this is all about, let me give you an intro.
Think of you visiting my blog, every day to see if I have posted something new, well thats hactic, but instead the feed reader can do this for you.
You simply subscribe to the Atom feed in the blog using your feed reader and your feed reader would periodically check if the blog has been updated, if so it will retrive a summary of the recently updated posts in the blog, and if you want to view the details, you can just click on a link and go there.
ATOM is the standard that these blogs expose there post summaries, so the feed reader knows exactly how to display the can read more about ATOM here..
ATOM can also be used in business applications, for an example, say my defect tracking system exposes the defects assigned to a person as an ATOM feed, I can subscribe to this feed through a feed reader and get a complete summmary of the defects that are assigned to me.OR for another example, say my HR department exposes the new joinees service as an ATOM feed, well I could just subscribe to that feed and get updated with all the new joinees of the company.
The new .NET 3.5 Web Programming Model (on that we used to create RESTFul services), particularly WCF Syndication, allows us to create ATOM feeds easily.Not only this you can expose you feed in RSS and ATOM at the same time (RSS, for your information, partially replaced RSS).
It would be great if I could give you an example on "how" easy it is...but times to go..

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