Saturday, May 22, 2010

Configuring mexConnections with net.tcp binding

This is one of the issues that does not explain it self to me and I could not find any help from MSDN, so I thought of sharing in the blog for future use.

I have a WCF library that is hosted in IIS, after some time we wanted to increase the max connection property of the service to 100 from the default value of 10 and also change the listenBackLog value to the same (if you dont know what these attributes do, a googling would help :0)

The service was configured with 2 endpoints, a net;tcp endpoint and the the other being the meta data exchange endpoint using mexTcpBinding.
I also configured a base address, part of the configuration file looks like this :

Host it in IIS 7 and the service does not start at all and throws up an error like this :

There is no compatible TransportManager found for URI 'net.tcp://ct-svr:8731/AuthorisationManager/Services.Security.AuthorisationManager.svc/mex'. This may be because that you have used an absolute address which points outside of the virtual application, or the binding settings of the endpoint do not match those that have been set by other services or endpoints. Note that all bindings for the same protocol should have same settings in the same application.

So, I removed the mex endpoint and it worked, but I wanted to keep the mex endpoint so after some googling and hard luck the solution was to expose the metadata through http, now the configuration file looks like this.

well, this works fine, but I still won't to know why the earlier piece of config did not work, if any ones has any idea, just put up a comment.

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  1. Hi, i've the same problem !
    Cn you give me the solutions ?