Sunday, July 4, 2010

Satellite Assemblies and Strong Names

A good friend of mine from another project was talking about how a satellite assembly for a given culture that he created for an ASP.NET server control project did not get picked up for the that culture and the default resource was picked up.

I was so curious to why this did not happen, and it was today that it hit me that there project is signed with a strong key and that he did not sign the satellite assembly with the same key.

In other words, if your main project is signed then so does all your satellite assemblies need to be signed with the same key, if not the loading for that assembly will fall and it will resort to the default resource bundle, that is contained within the main assembly.


  1. Would this throw up any specific errors we could diagnose this by?

  2. Nope it does not throw any error, if it cannot load the current assembly then it will resort to the downwards hierarchy