Sunday, January 22, 2012

Being a good Leader

I was clearing some of the files from the trash when I saw a few notes that I took for a leadership I am writing a few pointers just to remind mt self...

- Be confident on what you do.
- What are your strengths? make a list, what are the things people have complimented you on
- What are your weaknesses? Improve those
- Master something, dedicate yourself to learning something new
- Do the thing you think you cannot do
- Do things other dont want to do, take boring tasks
- Dont stop once the job is done, do more research see if you can improve the solution
- Set goal for your own task
- Dress like a leader
- Admit mistakes, be honest
- Keeping promises
- Work on that temper
- Dont critisize everything
- Pay attention to what your peer is saying, stop what u are doing and listien to him, make eye contact
- Dont interrupt your peer when he is saying something, let him finish, you lisitn to him
- Dont try to impress the speaker by saying completeting what he is about to say, you are interupting, Just listin
- Try to understand what he is saying
- Ask questions
- Forgive mistakes and dont be critical
- Give encourgment in tough time
- Help your peers
- show gratitude
- Dont keep your appreciation private, let other know
- Know who you are speaking too
- Chunk what you want to say
- Be direct, say what you need to say and be concise
- Tailor your message to the receiver
- State information in a logical order
- Use simple language
- The way to persue is to get your person to say yes to your quesitons, find out what they need.
- Do the research first and say why this idea would best suite in terms of cost, effectivines
- Match the ideas with your needs


  1. Thanks Nayya.. Actually you did this while you were leading imprima team

  2. Wow!! Very good notes you took at that leadership training. The most important thing is to be confident in your own forces, listening and helping others, trying different tactics to reach the company's goals. We can learn so many good and interesting things at these training. I think I'll go in a camp like this, because I want to become a better leader for my team.