Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CRS and Me Getting Fatter

Picked this picture from Shuail's blog. That my first project, CRS...I would say the golden age.
I dont see most of them alot, either they are not in the same location or not in the company at all.

Well, you can seem me in the corner in a yellows striped shirt, and I was wondering how fat I have become. Me and the workout machine dont go together I guess, every morning I try to get on it and then I think, well lets sleep a liitle bit more..and I never get to do it.

Most recently I serviced my bicycle, so that I could at least ride that on the weekends and get some calories burning..well that did not turn out well either.Anyway the post is about CRS and not about how fat I have become (partially correct). There are some missing in that picture, Rasika, Prabath, Chandima and Mahasen.

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