Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to The Desk

Well, last 2 weeks went in a jiffy, I was on annual leave for 2 weeks and was hopping to spend some time with my family, but it turned out to be that I had to submit 4 assignments and had spend most of my time reading. I have backlogged so much of lectures that I thought its time for me to catch up, and it was boring some times, just proofs, theorm and out of the world ideas, but I think I am kind of liking this Masters.
Anyway, my desk at home is filled with thick books, Networks, Algorithams, Database systems, Coding theory etc...
I am proud to note that, we had some guest lectures from Virtusa to do some presentations and the one that happened last was by Sabri Sawad, Sr S/W Archectect, he did a presentation on Software Archetecture and some times back a presentation from Riza Wadood. Sr Business Consultant.
At office, I'll be doing a training on UML next week for some junior collegues, that better be good. Also had some time to download a tool that was pretty cool, but don't really remember the name of it, I'll be posting something on it very soon.

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